We want everyone to understand the point of this project. This is not specifically about the election. We want people to be able to share who they are, why they are.

Send submissions to the email below after you have read the guidelines.  Thank you!

-Guidelines for Submissions-

- Answer this question: "The things you see when you look around each day, when you look at your upbringing, your family, your environment, those have all shaped who you are as an American-so, who are you?"

- The goal is to catalog the American condition; how we all feel about the country we live in and why we feel that way.  Be introspective.  We want to teach people about the individuals behind the voters.

- This is not a forum to write an essay on WHAT you view as the biggest issue in America.  This is a forum to tell everyone WHY that issue affects you personally and how it shaped your worldview.

- This is not a place to blindly bash anyone or any group.  Anger and frustration are certainly expected in this project, but if a post is simply hateful and does not add to the conversation, it will not be posted.

- While the election is going to be fresh in peoples' minds, your post does not need to be overtly political if you do not want it to be.

- Please include a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with "The Electorate Project" written on it.  The picture does not need to be of your face, but it should include at least some (appropriate) part of yourself.  We want to show how diverse this country is in its people and in their opinions.

- You do not need to include your name, but please include your State.

- The comment section on the website is non-existent.  We want to know who everyone is, not argue about why they shouldn't be.